How To Loose Wheat Belly

Wheat is the Haight-Ashbury of foods, unparalleled for its potential to generate entirely unique effects on the brain and nervous system. There is no doubt that wheat is addictive and can easily developed as an obsession.

Some people who suffers from wheat addiction knows that they have a problem because their bodies constantly crave wheat-containing foods such as breads, rice, pasta and so on. For me personally bread was my crack- I couldn’t get enough of it. Bagels-potato bread-wheat bread-those soft gooey dinner rolls-I couldn’t stop eating it. It was hard for me to give it up. Wheat can dictate food choices-caloric consumption the timing of meals and snacks. It influences behavior and mood changes-it dominates your thoughts-wheat can become such an obsession that it will have you-your family and friends salivating over it consistently.

There’s no easy way for you to get rid of wheat-but when you eliminate it from your diet, you’ve removed the most flagrant problem ource in your diet. Wheat is really the worst of the worst in carbohydrates, but other carbohydrates can also be a problem source as well. We need to escape the excessive carbohydrate consumption accentuated by the silly low fat advice. We’ve indulge in carbohydrate rich breakfast foods-lunch-dinner and snacks for decades-as a result we have been exposed to high fluctuations of blood sugar and glycation that increase severe resistance to insulin-growth of visceral fat-that causes inflammatory responses and beaten pancreases that is unable to keep up with the demand of insulin production.

It you wish to roll back the appetite stimulating-insulin distorting and small LDL triggering effects of food beyond wheat- or if substantial weight loss is among your health goal-then you should consider eliminating a number of other foods in addition to eliminating wheat. As a starter-removing all relatives of wheat such as rye-barely-bulgur-spelt and traditional strains of wheat such as emmer-kamut and einkorn-these are the grasses with considerable  genetic overlap of  wheat. Now, don’t panic- I’m pretty sure you knew that but if you didn’t I’m here to help you escape the high blood sugar-heart disease-obesity and everything else that is affiliated with consuming excessive amount of  wheat on a daily basis.


Product Review

I’ve never had the impulse to write a review for a product before. I figure people will discover for themselves how good something is without my help. But after trying the Leptitox supplements this changed; I knew I had to help other people understand what this product offers, since it gave me what I had been after for years.

I personally didn’t find Leptitox because of a review, I found it because I was desperate. I had been struggling with my weight since I was a teenager and after a few decades had had enough. I had been on every diet imaginable (low-fat, low-carb, fruit fasting… I tried everything) as well as various health products and workout programs. I spent time and money on things I hoped would change me. So I came to Leptitox with a LOT of skepticism and a baggage-load of disappointment.

The fact they offered a 60 day money-back guarantee made the decision to purchase a lot easier. Less to lose. I’m so glad they chose to offer the program this way, since it made it more appealing for someone like me who really couldn’t emotionally deal with another thing which felt like it just took my money, without even delivering the results.

When you buy the program you automatically get the 60 day money-back guarantee. I already took a few basic supplements (a multi-vitamin and vitamin D—for the cloudy Washington days) and just slipped the Leptitox supplement alongside these, so it wasn’t that hard for me to remember to take them. If you’re new to taking supplements you may need to set an alarm on your phone etc, but this wasn’t an issue for me. It was easy to remember to take them, I just left the bottle out on the surface with my other vitamins.

I guess their effect could be considered magic, but they’re that way for a reason—for a scientific reason—that’s what creates the change. First of all, they’re 100% natural. That made me feel better right off the bat. They’re mainly composed of herbs, with a spice or two, and a couple science-y sounding amino acids thrown in for good measure.

These 22 ingredients work together to do 3 things: help the body detox, control the appetite and promote healthy weight loss. The daily dosage is 2 capsules taken once a day, and you’re supposed to take those 2 capsules 20-30 minutes before you eat. For me, it was easiest to take this dose first thing in the morning—my work schedule is too erratic to have it later in the day. I would have it before breakfast, and this really worked for me. It was easy to remember: I got out of bed and pretty much took the capsules then and there, then I could just get on with my day, not having to remember it again. Pretty easy.

Before Leptitox I had no clue about how EDC’s—endocrine disrupting chemicals—disturb the way my body works, I didn’t even know they existed! (Which kind of made me wonder about why society doesn’t make a bigger deal of them… but anyway….)

They mess with the body in a major way and they’re found in so many things around us, things we could consider “safe” or “inert.”

Now that I’ve mentioned results… (if you’ve stuck with my review this far you’re probably wondering what they are.) I achieved more than I thought would be possible for me. The first week I lost 2-3 pounds; encouraging, but I still passed it off as circumstantial thinking next week I’d be back at my regular weight. Long story short: at the end of the 60 day money-back guarantee period I had lost 17lbs, and in another 60 day period I had reached a 32lbs loss! To say I was thrilled would be an understatement.

Most diet protocols call for extreme deprivation and punishing workouts. With Leptitox I didn’t have to do any of that. Now, did it take no effort at all? No, I had to be dedicated to taking the supplements, and address and fix the weak areas of my lifestyle which added unnecessary toxicity. I had to think about what I was doing, but did I have to run myself into the ground? Not at all.

This program gave me the body I never had (or at least hadn’t had since my early teens.) If I can inspire you to take a chance—like I did—and try Leptitox for yourself I really hope I’ve done that. Now that I’ve experienced what I have I can say that taking the risk and trying “one more thing” is worth it. Even after a string of failed diets and weight loss plans please don’t give up on yourself. Change is possible. It happened for me and it turned my life around.

How To Loose Weight With Leptitox

When it comes to loosing weight, we all know how important it is to change the way we eat – what we consume on a daily basis is critical for our bodies to function at it’s best. Having a diet rich in nutrient dense super foods is ideal so that our bodies can maintain it’s overall health therefore  a diet rich in sugar and starch can lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering and ultimately death.

FOOD ADDICTION :                                                                                                                      Eating the wrong foods can be one of the most addictive patterns us humans could ever developed, and it’s because of our addictive personality we over eat, and over indulge in foods that causes severe damage to our bodies and to our health. Our eating habits was taught to us from early childhood, so it can be really  hard to change the unhealthy habits that has been embedded in our minds  over the years – however making the necessary adjustments is required especially if you want to have a better quality of life.

MAKING HEALTHY CHANGES:                                                                                              Giving up the foods we love to eat isn’t always easy and quite frankly not many people want that change. People are creatures of habit and so they want to eat their favorite foods and loose weight in a timely manner – impossible? Hmmm! Nothing is impossible when you have the right supplements available to help you get to a healthier version of yourself!

LEPTITOX:                                                                                                                                        Leptitox is a weight loss supplement ideal for any one who struggled with stubborn unresponsive body fat. Leptitox attacks weight gain and promotes healthy weight loss. Leptitox diminishes your hunger, curb your appetite and detoxes the cause of leptin resistance right out your body. Leptitox was created to for anyone who have tried their best to loose weight but didn’t / haven’t gotten the result they needed. The product is an all natural supplement, created with powerful herbs, select vitamins and amino acid to arm the body with the ability to fight and reverse leptin resistance- the cause of weight gain and obesity.

How To Fight Obesity.

Obesity is a disorder that involves excessive body fat and increases the risk of health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, shortness of breath and a long list of other ailments and complications that is associated wit being obese.

OBESITY AND DIETING:                                                                                                            There are many different causes of obesity, but from my personal experience, the main is through dieting and being less physically active. Dieting plays a huge role in how we live our lives, so having a diet rich in carbs, gluten and sugar can immensely take a toll on our body, causing all kinds of health problems that can lead to serious complications that can ultimately lead to death.

HOW TO CURE OBESITY:                                                                                                          Obesity can be cured in many different ways, but for me I wanted to find the main cause of what was making me fat and attack it full on!

I was at my highest weight at 230 lbs when I realize how unhappy and uncomfortable I was with myself – my whole physical appearance. I was borderline diabetic. This was very scary for me because I know people who are type 1 and type 2 diabetic and I see the dangers they face on a daily basis. I made the decision to change my life… I wanted health, and I wanted to feel good about myself… I wanted to look sexy and I wanted to regain confidence in who I am!

I was at my lowest point, when I came across a product called Leptitox. I was very skeptical because I’ve tried an array of different weight loss products that promises to do wonders but end up making me sick to my stomach because of the ingredients.

LEPTITOX:                                                                                                                                       Leptitox is a weight loss supplement ideal for any one who struggled with stubborn unresponsive body fat. Leptitox attacks weight gain and promotes healthy weight loss. Leptitox diminishes your hunger, curb your appetite and detoxes the cause of leptin resistance right out your body. Leptitox  was  created for anyone who have tried their best without getting  the results they needed. The product is an all natural supplement, created with powerful herbs, select vitamins and amino acid to arm the body with the ability to fight and reverse leptin resistance… the cause of weight gain and obesity.

Groundbreaking weight loss product changes the face of dieting.

Denver, Colorado, USA – October, 1st 2019 – People who struggle to lose weight now have an easier, scientifically-proven option for breaking the weight gain cycle and shedding unwanted pounds: Leptitox. Sonya Rhodes just announced the release of a brand-new weight loss product. It is set for worldwide distribution as of October 2019 and is looking to change the dieting industry. Based on science-backed research on the underestimated and previously shrouded subject of leptin resistance, the all-natural supplements feature powerful herbs, select vitamins and amino acids to arm the body with the ability to fight and reverse leptin resistance the cause of weight gain and obesity.

“Before we understood the role of leptin resistance in obesity and the inability to lose weight we had no other choice but to attack body fat in all the wrong ways,” says Sonya Rhodes, co-founder of Leptitox. “With the discovery of leptin, and the phenomenon of leptin resistance we finally know the right way to target the obesity epidemic we’re facing. And that’s what we’ve done with the Leptitox supplements; combined our awareness of leptin resistance with the desperation and despair people feel around their inability to lose weight when they’re doing everything they can.”

Determined to end the heartache of those who are overweight, and who don’t know how to combat it, Sonya Rhodes has taken it on herself to manufacture the  product  Leptitox  which addresses the problem of leptin resistance as well as the initiating, underlying cause, breaking the weight gain cycle once and for all. As Sonya explains: “It was important that we not just treat the symptoms of weight gain, thereby managing the issue, but that we zero-in on the actual cause. We weren’t looking for superficial results, leaving people confused and feeding into the yo-yo trajectory diets are known for. Without addressing the cause we knew it wouldn’t be enough to really help people, and that was our mission.”

According to the extensive research Sonya Rhodes stands behind, leptin resistance stems from a source few people would acknowledge as a risk. This is why, according to Rhodes, the obesity epidemic has been able to spread as much as it has. We have blamed the wrong things and allowed the real cause to remain a normal staple of our lives. “This is how any problem proliferates, by not being stopped early on.” Sonya Rhodes continues, clearly passionate about the subject, “We didn’t nip the problem in the bud when we saw the initial spike of obesity and by that point it was too late anyway. If we had known what was making people gain weight we could have done something, but all we can do now is reverse it. Thankfully, that is what our supplements do. It’s not too late if we target the right things.”

Ideal for anyone who has struggled with seemingly stubborn and unresponsive body fat, leptitox attacks weight gain from the one place overlooked in the health industry. Not only does it promote healthy weight loss, it helps curb hunger and detoxes the cause of leptin resistance right out of the body. Rhodes has created a product suitable for anyone who is tired of doing their best and seeing no results, and even better, the product itself is safe, all natural and suitable for a wide-range of people, with a no-risk 60 day money-back guarantee.

Leptitox supplements are currently available, having just been released to the public in the early fall. Purchasing the supplements also provides people with material created to inform the public of the true cause of their inability to lose weight, as well as providing the solution so they can easily adjust their lifestyle to make permanent changes. For Rhodes this is just the beginning, her purpose is to broadcast the reality of leptin resistance and it’s solution — leptitox—to the world, and really make a difference in the lives of people who have lost hope.

Why Do We Crave Sugary Foods?

For many of us the sight of a freshly glazed doughnut can feel like falling in love and coming home to a pack of unopened cookies can feel like the adult version of Christmas morning. There’s something about sugar that hooks us and keeps reeling us in again and again. Whether we like it or not sugar has a major hold on us.

If you’re reading this it’s highly likely you understand, and have first-hand experienced, of this allure. Sugar isn’t just confectionery, it’s compulsion; there is no such thing as stopping after “just one.” I mean, if one is good, more is better. At least that’s what it feels like with the sweet stuff.

We are given many reasons for our sugar cravings: pleasure-seeking brain circuits, intestinal parasites, mineral deficiencies, malnutrition, habitual behavior, unbalanced diets, too much salt, buried emotional issues, lack of sleep, stress…. and my favorite, lack of discipline. We are not at a loss for reasons for our addiction to sugar, yet knowing isn’t enough to change us or our behavior. If knowing was enough we would all be winning gold medals and gold stars in every area of our life. If anything, knowing just makes it feel worse… we know better so why aren’t we doing better? Knowing becomes just another reason for us to feel bad about ourselves.

The next step to knowing is to try to do something about it. We take matters into our own hands and attempt to turn our sugar-loving switch from on to off. This is not a painless process, and just when we feel we’re making ground something happens to throw us off and we’re on a mission to hunt down any sugar we can find and back at the start.

When we decide to target our sugar dependency, we attack the sugar itself, we clear the pantry, empty the house of all products and declare sugar the enemy. And this is fine… except it doesn’t work. When we create an action plan like this, we’re a few steps too far ahead and facing the wrong direction. We don’t address what’s really happening.

The key: target the true problem, not the side effect of the problem. And sugar cravings are the side effect, they’re the symptom of the real problem, and treating symptoms never makes the problem resolve. The only way to create true, long- standing change is to address the root cause…. otherwise you’re just wasting your time and prepping yourself for another future sugar-binge.

What is the root cause? Leptin resistance. One way to target leptin resistance is with a product called leptitox, a blend of 22 all natural ingredients which work with your body to reverse leptin resistance and it’s effects. When leptin resistance occurs in our body we have a malfunctioning system. This malfunction will produce troublesome symptoms. Not only does leptin resistance increase hunger but it creates cravings! That’s a recipe for disaster! Not only will you be hungry but you’ll be hankering after the worst foods imaginable…

We may have blamed everything else under the sun for our inability to stop reaching for the next cookie… everything but leptin resistance. If you want to see real movement and change you’ll need to target leptin resistance and do something to “fix” it.

Leptitox is just the way to address the growing problem of leptin resistance, since it has been created to target and address it. Leptitox is a blend of 22 carefully selected herbs, amino acids and vitamins with the ability to help your body address the real cause of leptin resistance. It will change everything you thought you knew about weight loss.

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